Using innovation techniques in the public sector to help tackle climate change

Forum for the Future believe that unprecedented challenges require unprecedented solutions. Which is why they are using innovation to deliver new ways of thinking about sustainability.

They have teamed up with global innovation and design consultancy IDEO to help three local authorities incorporate innovative design processes into their fight against climate change. Ordinarily used by leading companies such as Apple and Proctor & Gamble to maintain their competitive edge, these processes are rarely seen in a public sector setting.


How the process works

Local councils often deal with problems by conducting market research or surveys in an attempt to find a solution. The i-team projects took three councils into challenging new territory with the IDEO people-centred approach. This approach uses empathic research techniques such as observing and interviewing a diverse range of people at home or work to identify what they actually do, as opposed to what they say they do. Using this method, ideas can be generated to provide solutions that are much more implementable in the real world.

Which councils are involved?
During 2008 and 2009, Forum for the Future and IDEO have been working with the following local authorities that each defined a climate change problem, and set out to tackle it using this people-centred approach:

  • Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire wanted to incentivise new parents to reduce their energy use by saving themselves money;
  • Suffolk County Council decided to create a simple yet elegant scheme to significantly reduce their business mileage; and
  • St Helen’s Local Authority wanted to encourage 12-14 year olds to take the lead on climate change using a cutting edge viral marketing campaign.

Visto no CORE77 a partir de Forum for the Future.


Sobre Inverde
O Inverde tem como objetivo principal sensibilizar e educar para a importância de se preservar a qualidade de vida na cidade, além de conectar os seus moradores com os processos naturais, valorizar a biodiversidade e os serviços prestados pelos ecossistemas, onde a Floresta da Tijuca tem um papel fundamental para uma vida saudável na cidade do Rio de Janeiro.

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